I'm a writer. Mostly comics, some games work here and there, and currently turning to prose. A long time ago I edited 2000 AD for a bit.

I'm probably best known for GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE (an inspiration for the TV show ARROW and yes, they named one of the characters after me), THE LOSERS (which they turned into a movie) and SNAPSHOT (which like the above has beautiful art by Jock, you should check it out), along with numerous other comics for DC Comics, Marvel, Dynamite, IDW, and Image.

Most of my comics are available digitally at Comixology.

I live in Lancashire with my family, two cats and a lizard, and I'm still learning how to use the Oxford comma.


You can usually find me wasting time on Twitter when I should be working.

Alternatively, feel free to drop me an email at: desk AT andydiggle DOT com

Photo by Jonathan Bean |

Photo by Jonathan Bean