It's a great year to be a Superman fan. Now, the comic that started it all, ACTION COMICS, will be taken in a bold new direction by the all-star creative team of writer Andy Diggle (THE LOSERS; GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE) and artist Tony S. Daniel (DETECTIVE COMICS; JUSTICE LEAGUE). And it all kicks off with issue #19!

"Even in an industry dominated by superheroes, Superman is THE superhero - the original and best - and I'm flattered, daunted and inspired in equal measure at being given the opportunity to build on such an incredible and historic legacy," Diggle recently told DC Comics' official blog, THE SOURCE.

"The word 'iconic' is bandied around a lot in comics, but Superman defines the term. I'm excited to be working with Tony Daniel, whose artistic and storytelling skills will be bringing the world(s) of Superman to stunning visual life. Together we'll be carving out spectacular new adventures that respect the past while redefining the future of the Man of Steel."

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Tony Daniel
Publisher: DC Comics

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"A slick, nearly perfect Superman comic." - Den of Geek

"The best showing for Supes since the start of the New 52." - IGN

"Diggle understands the essence of Superman, Lois and Lex and uses it to maximum effect." - In The Comix