Heroic adventurer Adam Strange was ready to abandon Earth and join his wife and daughter on his adopted homeworld of Rann forever, but the newly perfected Zeta-Beam that was to transport him there never came. Now he's trapped on Earth, desperate with worry that something terrible may have happened to his world and his family.

But the truth is far worse than even his darkest imaginings. Something terrible is coming. And an ordinary Earthman may be the only thing that stands in the way of universal Armageddon!

DC Universe | 192 pages | Full Colour | ISBN: 1401207278 | RRP: $19.99 US


Recently immortalised in his own live action movie starring Keanu Reeves, HELLBLAZER: LADY CONSTANTINE presents an action-packed look at one of John Constantine's most notorious ancestors!

England, 1785 - Johanna Constantine, mistress of the macabre, is summoned by His Majesty King George's government to retrieve a box of mystical power from the depths of the Arctic Sea. Unable turn down the tempting offer of a Ladyship, Constantine heads to the frozen North - only to discover she's made a fool's bargain with something worse than the Devil...

Vertigo | 96 pages | Full Colour | ISBN: 1401209424 | RRP: $9.99 US


The future's toughest lawman faces off against the deadliest creatures in the universe in a battle that just may bring Mega-City One to its knees!

Dark Horse | 104 Pages | Full Color | ISBN: 1569719837 | RRP: $12.95 US

JUDGE DREDD VS. ALIENS (UK Hardcover Edition)

The future's toughest lawman faces off against the deadliest creatures in the universe in a battle that just may bring Mega-City One to its knees!

Rebellion | 104 Pages | Full Color | ISBN: 1904265103 | RRP: £13.99 UK

  • Introduction by SIMON PEGG, writer/star of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and SPACED
  • Original "missing scene" script by Andy Diggle
  • Original design sketches by Henry Flint


Collecting the first six issues of Andy Diggle and Jock's explosive new Vertigo series, The Losers: Ante Up spins a riveting web of corruption, espionage and betrayal as crisp and sharp as a freshly minted C-note.

Vertigo | 160 Pages | Full Color | ISBN: 1401201989 | RRP: $9.95 US


Collecting issues 7-12 of the groundbreaking, Eisner-nominated Vertigo series, The Losers: Double Down finds the Losers on the trail of the mysterious Max, the phantom CIA agent who's not supposed to exist and yet has tried to kill them all.

The trail leads them to the island of Montserrat, and then under the tons of volcanic ash that have blanketed their target villa. But the Losers aren't the only ones digging around - and they may end up being buried themselves...

Vertigo | 144 pages | Full Color | ISBN: 1401203485 | RRP: $12.95 US


This third volume of the Eisner-nominated Vertigo thriller collects three linked stories from issues 13-19 that take the hard-luck, black-ops band from Quatar to Turkmenistan amidst oily dealings and flying bullets. When it comes to action-packed espionage, this Trifecta is a sure thing!

Vertigo | 168 pages | Full Colour | ISBN: 1401204899 | RRP: $14.99 US


The fourth volume of Vertigo's explosive espionage thriller, collecting issues 20-25 of the hit series. An unpleasant but informative reunion with the traitor Roque in the Company-created bank Cayman Credit Internationale then leads them to a cargo ship just off the Azores - and a discovery that raises the stakes higher than anyone could have guessed...

Vertigo | 144 pages | Full Colour | ISBN: 1401207197 | RRP: $14.99 US


The saga of the Losers comes to its explosive conclusion with ENDGAME, collecting issues #26-32 of the acclaimed Vertigo series. It's a white-knuckle ride into nuclear brinksmanship as the team forces a final confrontation with the rogue C.I.A. agent Max, only to discover the shocking secrets behind not only their foe but also one of their own!

On sale September 27 | 168 pages | Full Colour | ISBN: 140121004X | RRP: $14.99 US


Tokyo, 2063 AD. Renjiro is chief advisor to Japan's most notorious gangster: the Yakuza warlord Hideaki. Under his guidance, the Black Dragon Clan has seized total control of Honshu's underworld, ruthlessly crushing any and all opposition. But Hideaki dreams of even greater glories — namely, the overthrow of the government itself! Japan's hard-line military Regime will do anything to stop him, even if it means civil war — and in Renjiro, they have found the ultimate pawn to set their plan in motion. Caught between a lifetime of honor and loyalty to his Yakuza clan and the iron-fisted might of the military elite, Renjiro will find that the only way to avoid total annihilation is to play both sides against the middle...

Wildstorm Signature Series | 144 pages | ISBN: 1401211046 | RRP $19.99 US


Star Wars Tales Volume 5 features an astonishing variety of stories featuring Boba Fett, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, and more! This substantial volume includes the Boba Fett tale "Payback" by Andy Diggle and Henry Flint, plus a Chewbacca story gorgeously illustrated by Cary Nord, Haden Blackman's unbelievable Han Solo tale, Scott Kurtz's parody of The Breakfast Club, and the "all-indie issue"-featuring many of the best independent comics creators in the business! Collecting issues 17-20 of the quarterly Star Wars Tales.

Dark Horse | 248 pages | Full Colour | ISBN: 1593072864 | RRP: $19.95 US


The first story arc of the acclaimed return of SWAMP THING is collected in BAD SEED, reprinting issues #1-6 of the new ongoing series written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Enrique Breccia.

BAD SEED finds the Swamp Thing joined to the Earth itself, surpassing even his old power as the champion of the Green, and no longer inhibited by the human conscience of his original template, Alec Holland. Without this constraint, the Swamp Thing threatens to re-balance the natural world at the cost of countless human casualties — including his own daughter Tefé and his love, Abby — unless the man who originally showed him his true nature, John Constantine, can find a way to stop him...

Vertigo | 144 pages | Full Colour | ISBN: 140120421X | RRP: $9.95 US