In Mega-City One, everyone can hear you scream...

The future's toughest lawman faces off against the deadliest creatures in the universe in a battle that just may bring Mega-City One to its knees! The tenacious Judge Dredd, upholding the law in a deadly, radioactive future, has faced everything from mutants to supernatural possessions... but can he, a group of judges, and the elite team called the Verminators fend off an infestation of the deadly, acid-drooling Aliens?

Facing their most dangerous enemies yet, itís lawmen versus natureís best killing machines in a bloody battle to keep the vast metropolis of the future from becoming a hideous breeding ground!

Dark Horse | 104 Pages | Full Color | ISBN: 1569719837 | RRP: $12.95 US

Writers: John Wagner and Andy Diggle
Artist: Henry Flint
Publisher: Dark Horse (US) / Rebellion (UK)

WINNER: Wizard Best Crossover Award 2003