Goran was born in 1969 in Zagreb, Croatia, which was at the time still part of Yugoslavia. After finishing High School for Applied Arts, he worked in animation and began publishing his first illustrations and short comics.

In 1990 he began collaborating with writer Darko Macan, publishing comics work in Croatia and Germany. One of their short stories was later published in Negative Burn by Caliber Comics.

In 1999 Goran began working for Vertigo, co-creating Outlaw Nation with writer Jamie Delano.

For his work on Outlaw Nation, Goran won the award for Most Promising Newcomer 2001 at the San Diego Comicon. He went on to illustrate the four-issue mini-series Hellblazer Special: Lady Constantine.

He still lives in Zagreb and has no plans to move, enjoying being connected to the global village via the Internet and Fed-Ex.

He can be contacted at gsudzuka@vip.hr

Goran Sudzuka