How did socialite Oliver Queen become the iconic hero known as Green Arrow? Find out in this trade paperback volume collecting the six-issue origin series!

The creative team behind the critically acclaimed Vertigo series THE LOSERS reunites to explore Ollie's time marooned on a remote island where he's forced to battle for his life against ruthless drug traffickers and find his true calling as one of the DCU's bravest heroes.

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock
Introduction: Brian K Vaughan
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 9781401217433
Pages: 160

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"Plays to Diggle's strengths - a tight script, snappy dialogue, thrilling action and an immediate feel for who these well-defined characters are... Jock's wonderfully kinetic, minimal art style is hugely energetic and stylish (and he creates some of the best covers around), and Diggle writes tough guys with enthusiastic elan, working with the language of the movies and making GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE massively accessible as a result... Amidst DC's continuity-heavy jamboree, it feels like a breath of streamlined high-action fresh air." -- SFX magazine

Green Arrow: Year One cover art by Jock